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Leave Now,
Love Tomorrow

We are FLYINGGROUP, the leading corporate and private aviation expert in the Benelux. Ever since 1995 our goal has been to provide premium, personalized air travel experiences that are second to none. But we are not only destined to delight, we are also on an ambitious journey towards a sustainable future. As market leader we take our responsibility to take care of the environment and lead the way in making a vital shift in how business aviation operates. Advancements in technology enable innovation. However, it is our pioneering ambition that truly drives developments.

Therefore, we are proud to roll out FUTURE FLYINGGROUP, an ambitious sustainability program that sets new standards in the industry. We believe in the possibility of emission-free flying and a bright future for aviation in balance with our planet’s well-being.

Leave now, love tomorrow.


How do we translate the vision of FUTURE FLYINGGROUP in our minds to the miles you fly? Today we have already achieved several concrete steps to minimize our ecological footprint:


Our state-of-the art new headquarters, inaugurated in 2020, holds the latest in energy-saving and climate controlling technology enabling it to produce more energy than it consumes.

We encourage our clients and staff to make use of electric charging points for bicycles and cars.

We strive towards a plastic-free, renewable-centric and overall environmentally conscious approach in all aspects of our operation. Optimised flight planning and electric ground handling equipment enable us to conserve energy and minimise emissions.

We have incorporated the use of SAF – Sustainable Aviation Fuel – and plan to introduce its use over our various aircraft bases.


That was the easy part. But we don’t just want to adapt, we want to evolve. It is this will to keep evolving that pushes us further and sets us apart. That is why we are investing time, energy and resources in the latest aircraft technology, including electric and carbon emission-free planes, which we aim to integrate into our fleet in the near future. Additionally, we are looking beyond our own day-to-day operations and we are working with political and economic partners to shape a sustainable future for business aviation.

Just like in the beginning of aviation we envisage a time of many ‘firsts’. A future of relentless progress with achievements that surpass one milestone after another. Within the coming 5 years we aim to connect the BeNeLux with carbon-neutral flights operated by eVTOL aircraft. FLYINGGROUP is working closely with Vertical Aerospace to prepare the entry into service of the VX4.

Before the end of the decade, we will reach further afield and expand our sustainable flight operations across Europe enabled by new aircraft technology such as Eviation’s Alice.

In the decades to come, we hope to witness the first trans-Atlantic voyage powered by renewable energy. This momentum will only grow and we will continue to spearhead the implementation of new research and capabilities in SAF, battery-powered flight, hybrid powerplant solutions, hydrogen energy storage and other perhaps yet-to-be-discovered applications.